3 Itineraries To Discover Argentina In Depth

Argentina Travel Posted on 04/19/2019

Sometimes we have the unusual chance to take a well-deserved break lasting more than two weeks, and if that’s your situation, I have some great ideas for your upcoming trip! Below, I’ve listed three itineraries that will help you discover Argentina in-depth, so you can make up your mind about your next Argentine adventure.

  1. Discover Argentina (24 days)

A classic starter for Argentina is Buenos Aires, which makes perfect sense due to its easy accessibility via international flights. A two-day stay in the ‘Paris of South America’ is a fair time to get a proper taste of what the city has to offer: culture, history, art, and adventure. With the charm of a cosmopolitan city and the personal touch of some Argentine seasoning, Buenos Aires is a great chance to make new acquaintances, take some Spanish classes and drink some Fernet with coke!

After such a delightful introduction, Bariloche is the next destination in line. The capital of the Lakes District shows off its picturesque views and alluring surroundings. A two-and-a-half-day stay in Bariloche is a great chance to take in the scenery, tour around this inviting town and learn some more about Argentina’s history and culture. Also, if you have a sweet tooth, Bariloche is definitely the place to be! Its delicious chocolate will definitely win over your heart!

Then, your Patagonian hiking adventures will begin in El Calafate and continue towards El Chaltén. As the trekking capital of Argentina, El Chaltén has many exciting routes for you to discover. After a one-and-a-half-day stay in El Chaltén, it’s time to have an up-close look at the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. After visiting such a stunning natural sight, the itinerary suggests a quick but memorable visit to Chile, to check out Torres del Paine, and oh, dear, those are some towers to look at!

The quick Chilean visit is followed by Ushuaia, a.k.a. the City at the End of the World, which is the southernmost city in Argentina. Here, some adrenaline-pumping activities await: trekking, canoeing and boat tours. The perfect closure for such a mind-blowing Patagonian experience is with a touch of wildlife. This itinerary continues with a visit to Puerto Madryn, home to many penguins and whales, among other animals. This wildlife time continues in Iguazú, after a quick stop in Buenos Aires to take the flight. Iguazu Falls’ fame precedes it! Being one of the biggest and most incredible waterfalls in the world – a World Wonder- it attracts travelers from all around the world. To get to know Argentina deeply, one must visit the falls. Being amazed by their blue/green beauty is akin to just become one with nature. 

After a two-and-a-half-day stay in Iguazu, it’s time to head back to Buenos Aires to get some alfajores (Argentine cookies), eat some famous Argentine ice-cream and buy some bottles of Malbec during your day of leisure before going back home.

2. Argentina For Adventurers (21 days)

Some touring around Buenos Aires and a delightful tango show are the perfect way to start your 21-day adventure in Argentina.

The second stop on this itinerary is windy Puerto Madryn, a place that whales and penguins visit every year, among other species. The charm of watching wildlife up-close is undeniable. This two-and-a-half-day stay in Puerto Madryn continues with a three-day stay in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina, to get a good taste of its unique gastronomy, its adventurous activities, and its rich history.

The excitement moves forward to El Calafate, where you’ll visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, and later to El Chalten, for all hiking enthusiasts. Being so close to Torres del Paine in Chile, it’d be a shame to leave it out of your adventure! Therefore, the adventurers’ call takes you to check out the Torres del Paine National Park and the outstanding charm of its landscapes. Afterward, a mandatory trip back to El Calafate is needed to fly to Iguazu via Buenos Aires. 

Puerto Iguazú is one of our favorite wildlife destinations! The National Park is the perfect place to admire the greatness of nature, and also have a first-hand experience being surrounded by playful monkeys and coatimundis. The Argentina For Adventurers itinerary ends in Buenos Aires with a day at leisure to get ready to go back home.

3. Argentina: North to South Adventure (17 days)

Starting in Buenos Aires, this 17-day adventure is guaranteed to be an exciting trip around Argentina. A two-day stay in Buenos Aires is where the journey begins,  so you can have a fair taste of the city’s attractions. The excitement continues as you make your way to El Calafate, where you’re sure to be amazed by the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of Argentina’s most important places to visit.

El Calafate is also a great opportunity to visit an estancia and find out about more traditional customs, learn from the gaucho lifestyle in the countryside, and taste the Patagonian lamb, a must-try delicacy of the area. Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina, is the next step in this ambitious itinerary; its wild and natural charm captivating to travelers’ eyes and spirits.

Salta is the next destination; a place where history, culture and nature enchant those who dare to visit such amazing landscapes. Salta is chosen as the base for this northern adventure, as the purpose is to visit different small towns in the area. Jujuy is also on the list of places to visit, the Humahuaca Gorge in particular, an iconic postcard of the North.
Before heading back to Buenos Aires to end the experience, Iguazu awaits with its lush beauty. Feeling the strength of nature and becoming one with it is part of the dazzling and encompassing feeling that hits travelers to this world wonder.

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Written by Cecilia Carmona – Edited by Cathie Haynor

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