3 Best Cafes in Buenos Aires Loved by Locals

Foodies' Guide Posted on 12/16/2015

Classic never goes out of style. This also applies for cafes in Buenos Aires that are respected and visited by many generations of Porteños. In this article, you can learn about the best cafes in Buenos Aires. 

Why do Porteños love cafés so much? 

Perhaps because these are the places where they meet with people they love, where they have met a significant other, where they watch the match of the football team they are crazy about and where they have spent time laughing, studying and nourishing their spirit with unforgettable conversations and people.

Porteños have adopted cafes as their second home, a sort of living room. Understanding a little better now? Good, here are the 3 best cafes in Buenos Aires loved by locals.

      1. Varela Varelita – Scalabrini Ortiz y Paraguay (Palermo Soho)

This café is a blast from the past. Purchase your ticket in time to the way our grandparents used to meet and pass the time: playing chess, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee and chatting away.  This is one of few corners in Palermo that hasn’t gone out of style for more than 50 years. Old men and women find this cafe to be a shelter, a place to feel like home, a place where years don’t go by, where Buenos Aires stays the same. This earnest and historical café is a must-go for a visitor who wants to feel the city at its core. This is one of the best cafes in Buenos Aires for sure!

      2. London City ( Av de Mayo 599, Monserrat)

“La London” is one of the “Cafés Notables” of Buenos Aires.  It is located in the heart of the city, on the corner of Perú and Avenida de Mayo, on the ground floor of a building built in1890.It was not until 1954 that it began to function as a café and became a refuge for poets, artists, politicians, journalists and the porteños and tourists who strolled and worked along the beautiful Avenida de Mayo. However, its most famous reference is Julio Cortázar’s mention of the café in “Los Premios” (1960).  This quote is duly reflected in the interior of the place. Take a break, have a seat in “La London” , get inspired  and travel back in time. It is impossible not to include this place if we are talking about the best cafes in Buenos Aires! 

      3. Las Violetas – Rivadavia 3899 (Almagro)

This is one of the very traditional and elegant cafes in Buenos Aires located on the avenue that crosses the entire city: Rivadavia Avenue. This café is without any doubt one of the best ones in Buenos Aires, this is a busy meeting point for old ladies that love getting together on Saturdays afternoons. They even line up just to gather around the fancy tables inside this beautiful building. Between Italian marble, French vitraux and breathtaking ceilings and columns, they share coffee, tea and pastries with friends. This café was recently restored to display the brightness and splendor from the days it was inaugurated back in 1920.

For more information about the best cafes in Buenos Aires, check out this part of the blog. Or, to see Buenos Aires yourself, get chattin’ with a Say Hueque agent today!

Written by Florencia Migliorisi

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