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Posted on 04/29/2016 Tips & Recommendations

3 Advantages to Taking Buses in Argentina

You might be over the bus days, remembering back when you were 19 backpacking your way through countries by bumpy, bouncy, cramped buses. Whether or not they were fond memories, buses don’t have the best reputation when it comes to long-haul travels. But regardless of what you’ve experienced abroad or even here South America, Argentina promises you a different story.

You’ll be whistling a new tune once you step onto the long-distance buses in Argentina, because they’re not the usual. You may find you even prefer it to the heavy price tag of flying. Here’s our top reasons why the buses in Argentina aren’t too shabby at all.

Nobody wants to travel in discomfort. Sometimes it’s inevitable, but the buses in Argentina promise you a cushy ride. Even the cheapest seats are soft and recline a generous amount. The most expensive seats on the bus, which really don’t cost that much more, recline the full 180 degrees and come with some great luxuries. You might forget you’re on a bus, as the drivers take care on the road not to make sudden turns or stops. Bonus.

There are so many bus trips in Argentina that offer some crazy beautiful scenery. As you go from Buenos Aires to Iguazu, you see the city dissolve into farmland and fields, which melts into jungle and tropical climates. Going from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile, you will be gazing up at the looming Andes Mountains around you for hours in awe.

For the sake of travel…
People are often looking for ways to take the travel out of traveling. But what’s the fun in that? Taking overnight buses in Argentina aren’t uncomfortable or smelly and think about it: you board in the evening, sleep through the night and wake up in a totally new destination!
Embrace your inner traveler and, if your itinerary permits, try at least a quick bus ride. As if free wine wasn’t the cherry on top? Sit back, enjoy your complementary Malbec and enjoy the ride.

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