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Posted on 09/19/2015 Tips & Recommendations

10 Photos of Spring in Argentina

Argentina is a country of extremes (and I don’t necessarily mean extremely addictive dulce de leche…althought that’s true as well). From the deserts of Salta, to the glaciers of Patagonia, and the summers in Buenos Aires–where the sun darkens us all by 4 shades — there’s extreme weather all around.

The spring however, is a season to be savored. There’s something about the weather taking a turn for the better after a chilly winter that lightens the mood of the country. You’ll see groups of friends lounging around parks all sharing a mate, families walking their kids to get some ice cream and street performers reviving their acts. A punch of spirit revives Argentina as the warmth creeps steadily in.

Although spring sadly does not last forever, we’ve snapped some pictures that will. To celebrate the first official day of spring approaching on the 21st, check out what you can look forward to during the beautiful spring in Argentina!

While the spring in Argentina may be unpredictable, the cool weather with the warm sun is treat that makes for great traveling. So grab your mate, relax in a park and enjoy the lovely spring in Argentina!

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