The North has always been a magical region of Argentina. Nothing compares to the outstanding colors of Purmamarca Hill, the green vastness of Calchaqui Valley, and the humble hearts of the local Northerners. During this 17-day adventurous travel itinerary to South America you’ll discover the northern region of Argentina, as well as the best of Bolivia and Chile! 



In this 9-day trip to visit the best estancias in Argentina get to know the life of the Argentine cowboys, or “gauchos” in the tranquility of a ranch surrounded by the most incredible scenery. Stroll through uninhabited forests, appreciate nature’s contrasting colors and gaze upon the impressive mountains of Argentina’s Patagonia. This itinerary fully immerses you in the Argentine culture and the history behind it.



This 11-day itinerary will take you to discover the rivers and lakes of Argentina and enjoy kayak tours and boat trips through the most impressive landscapes. Enjoy the local culture and traditions of Buenos Aires, the wildlife of Iberá Wetlands, the world’s second largest marshes, in a nautical safari by paddling, the cultural heritage of Guaraní community in Iguazú, and enjoy a kayak tour in streams with amazing natural falls. 



Peru is an exquisite and exotic country. It hosted the Inca civilization, one of the most important  for human kind. Machu Picchu, a sacred place hidden between the mountains, it’s still a good example of the marvels this civilization was capable of. Peruvians has inherited the same wizdom, the same adventurous spirit, embodied in its culture and traditions. This 2-week trip is designed for curious and adventurous travelers! 

In this 5-day tour you will visit Iguazu Falls’ amazing waterfalls, stay in an authentic local Argentine Estancia, and visit the wild Iberá wetlands. Then continue on your adventure tour to discover Argentina’s subtropical rainforest in Puerto Iguazú. You’ll explore both sides of Iguazú Falls and decide which side (Argentine or Brazilian) you like best.

From the world’s longest mountain range to one of the driest deserts on the planet, discover destinations beyond your imagination when you travel to Chile. Visit Puerto Varas, where you will enjoy the lush landscape of the Chilean lake district, and the seaside cities of Viña del Mar and Valparíso. 


Discover all the northern natural highlights of Argentina on this 15-day trip to Iguazú Falls, Iberá Wetlands, Salta and Jujuy. Soon you’ll be adventuring the way Northeners do! At the end of your journey to the North, travel back to Buenos Aires to explore the vibrant streets of the capital of Argentina, and enjoy an exclusive dinner tango-show in the most historic district of the city. 

In this 9-day travel itinerary to South America visit Salta, locally known as La Linda -The Beautiful, and one of the best preserved colonial cities, the North of Chile and the natural highlight of Southern Bolivia. This trip, created for true thrill seekers, will stick with you for many years to come.

Not all those who wander are lost and not all travels are far from home…We discover a new way to explore Argentina. Dive into our landscapes, culture and music through books, movies, songs and without putting a foot outside.

Argentina Through its Music

Argentinians love music! Known worldwide musicians have been born in these southern lands that keep on giving. Travel from the Northern region of Salta to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, with this playlist that combines the most traditional artists and some off-the-beaten-path musical gems of the new era.

Argentina Through Movies

Argentinians have a special taste for cinema and movies. Here are some of the classic films that best features Argentina’s people and landscapes, a BBC documentary about the growing tango queer movement, and two video-travel journeys one from our director and the other of a traveler who spends 10 days in Patagonia.

Diarios de Motocicleta (Motorcycle Diaries)

This film about the famous motorcycle journey of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the famous Argentine Marxist revolutionary, features the most beautiful landscapes and the cruelest social scenarios that still characterizes Latin America. In Puerto Alegre, crossing borders from Argentina to Chile, you can see a copy of the motorcycle used by the Che to cross into Chile.

The German Doctor

Argentina, 1960, a German doctor searching for a place to stay in Patagonia. An Argentine family hosts him and a strange thing begins to happen… Based on true events.

ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association with Say Hueque

A trip to the unexplored Northern lands of Salta in Argentina told by Rafa Mayer, Say Hueque´s Founder, to meet colonial villages, walk with llamas through the rainbow-colored mountains, till reaching Don Isidro’s house…

10 Days in Argentina and Chile

Take a look at a traveler who wanders Patagonia through Argentina and Chile for 10 days, the perfect amount of days to discover the most legendary region of South America.

LGBT Tango in Buenos Aires by BBC Travel

How the most famous dance of Argentina evolved since 2016 to fight against the idiosyncrasy of male chauvinism in tango culture and encourage a most inclusive practice.

Argentina Through Literature

This is our curated selection of the best Argentine literature (novel, travel stories, comic books) to bring you some of our traditions, landscapes, political history, and humor!

In Patagonia, Bruce Chatwin

Dive into the Bruce Chatwin journeys through Patagonia to discover the legends of the southernmost lands, the native heritage, and amazing landscapes. Anecdotes, history and exhilarating descriptions of the dream adventure expedition, and a literary masterpiece. 

The Tango Singer, Tomás Eloy Martinez

In this novel, Bruno Cadogan travels to Argentina in search of Lucio Martel, the last great tango singer. It’s 2001, the economic breakdown in Argentina, and Bruno, an American student specialized in Borges, will trace Martel performances through the city, and discover the darkest moments of the city that never sleeps…

Che Boludo, A Gringo’s Guide to Understanding the Argentines by James Bracken

¡Che Boludo! is your perfect guide to improve your Spanish, or learn your first steps. A humorous and high informative guide for those longing to immerse in Argentina’s culture by using some of the most common yet bizarre phrases and expressions.

The Winds that Lay Waste, Selva Almada

Selva Almada is one of the most popular Argentine writers, largely published by Random House. The wind that lays waste tells the story of the evangelizing journey of reverend Pearson and his daughter Leni whose car breaks in the Northern roads. They met the mechanic Gringo Brauer and a young boy named Tapioca, and as intimacy grows between the fourth characters, beliefs are questioned and a storm breaks over the plains…

Mafalda, Quino

Mafalda is the famous Argentine comic book known worldwide to be the finest example of how Argentinians manage to criticize Politics and Economics through the intelligent thoughts of a sweet little girl. A humor masterpiece created by Quino, the Argentine talented graphic humorist, and published in Argentine newspapers through 1964 and 1973. Download some of her best stories!

Argentina Podcast

Learn about “mate” the drink that best defines Argentinians, how to kiss properly when greeting, and meet a scientist who is saving the world’s penguins in this podcast.

Argentina Virtual tours

Make a 360° tour in each province of Argentina without jumping off the couch!

Breaking News! Daily Journal about Argentina

Catch up with daily news of Argentina COVID-19, Politics and Economics in this Argentina’s guide in English for locals and foreigners. “Explain Argentina’s reality and news through the eyes of pop culture”, says The Bubble.

Written by Agustina del Vigo

A surface area of near 2.8 million square kilometers allows Argentina to be a more than an appealing destination for ANY kind of traveler, as it’s almost impossible for someone not to find a place to do something that they love or experience a new adventure. It goes without saying that the country’s great variety of wildlife, landscapes and weather make it the perfect spot for outdoor activities and sports. Among them there is one that stands out for its originality and countless possibilities: kayaking. It doesn’t matter if you want to feel a rush of adrenaline by getting into extreme and dangerous river courses or just go for a peaceful trip through calm waters; there are plenty of destinations in Argentina where it’s worth getting wet!


In the southern province of Río Negro you can find the most visited place of the Patagonia and the second of the whole country: the city of Bariloche. Its secret is, obviously, its perfect location: right at the foot of the Andes, next to a beautiful lake and INSIDE the national park of Nahuel Huapi. Imagine kayaking through Brazo Tristeza and enjoying the waterfalls, cliffs and imposing hills like López, Cerro or Tronador, with its three summits and amazing glaciers. Meanwhile, for adventure seekers who can’t settle for just a 12 hour excursion, there are also expeditions that last two or three days along the intense blue waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake or the emerald ones of Mascardi, at the south of the park. The unique beauty of this corner of the world is even more noticeable by boat and it’s definitely within everyone’s reach!

“Los Glaciares” National Park

Breathtaking and unbelievable natural beauties of the world hide at the very south of the country, in El Calafate, considered one of the top destinations of Argentina. I’m talking about the glaciers, the more than 200 that can be found in the 7,000 square kilometers that occupies The Glaciers National Park. What if instead of (or after) doing the typical hike on and around these enormous ice caps you could jump on a canoe and discover other frozen secrets? It goes without saying that if you set foot on this natural park you HAVE TO see Perito Moreno, but if you also dare to go kayaking on the magnificent water mirror that is Lake Argentino, you will navigate through beautiful landscapes, unseen flora and fauna, gigantic floating chunks of ice, cliffs, mountains… Furthermore: you’ll be fortunate enough to see other less known glaciers like Heim, Onelli, Agassiz and, of course, the great Upsala.


Have you dismissed the idea of kayaking because you don’t have the budget or the time to go far away from Buenos Aires during your stay in Argentina? No worries! There’s also an option for you. Only thirty kilometers north from the capital -40 minutes by train- is the town of Tigre, famous for its colonial mansions, its delta, and its peaceful atmosphere that make it pretty popular between porteños or tourists who want to relax for a couple of days.

The delta is a result of the Paraná river mixing with the land and harbors a unique scenery for a place that is so close to the concrete jungle of Buenos Aires. That’s why it’s the perfect landscape to get lost for hours, especially if you are inside a kayak. With the vast number of channels and rivers, the different intensity of the currents that can be found make it the best spot both for beginners and experienced navigators who want to enjoy a trip surrounded by islands, trees, flowers, deer, more than 200 species of birds and (beware!) plenty of mosquitos…

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Written by Irene Valiente

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