In this 9-day trip to visit the best estancias in Argentina get to know the life of the Argentine cowboys, or “gauchos” in the tranquility of a ranch surrounded by the most incredible scenery. Stroll through uninhabited forests, appreciate nature’s contrasting colors and gaze upon the impressive mountains of Argentina’s Patagonia. This itinerary fully immerses you in the Argentine culture and the history behind it.


In this travel adventure to Argentina come to discover delicious parrillas (barbecues) and stunning tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Jujuy and the Seven Color Hill rising above the quaint village of Purmamarca, and taste some of the best traditional Argentine cuisine in Mendoza, hometown of the stunning Mount Aconcagua.  

Enjoy a 12-day travel itinerary to Argentina starting in Buenos Aires, walk the cobblestone streets, discover the most famous pizza parlors on Corrientes Ave., and browse the high-fashion boutiques of the bohemian Palermo district. Then fly to different regions and finish your trip in Patagonia, the secluded land of adventure travel. Visit the picture-perfect town of Bariloche. Sail across Lake Nahuel Huapi and explore the most beautiful beaches and waterfalls.




Enjoy a 6-day self-drive travel experience to Argentina’s Calchaquí Valleys and explore the natural wonders of the north. Drive through the gorges of the valley and the daring Cuesta del Obispo. Discover the colonial architecture of the little northern villages, the regional museums and the traditional vineyards of Cafayate. This is not just a self-drive trip, we’ll share with you our insider tips to discover Northern Argentina and you’ll receive 24/7 assistance from our local experts!


Enjoy the best wine tasting tours in Argentina and Chile and enjoy a top-quality experience for foodies and wine lovers. Discover the land of the sun and good wine, take a nice overview of two of the most famous cities of South America and delight your 5 senses with these beautiful destinations.


In this 15-day trip to explore the best landscapes of Argentina, enjoy a tango show and enjoy delicious Argentine food. Then, fly to Patagonia and travel to Ushuaia to sail Beagle Channel. End your trip sipping Malbec in Mendoza and cruising on a boat below the incredible Iguazu Falls.   

This 3-day Mendoza wine Tour features the vineyards of Mendoza and includes guided visits to the traditional wineries to sample the rich Malbec and Cabernet. Located at the base of the Andes Mountains and nearby Mount Aconcagua, Mendoza is also known for its year-round sunshine, its wide offer of adventure experiences in nature, its gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels.

There always seems to be a big difference between tourists who simply visit a new country and those who travel like a local. While there is nothing wrong with visiting a new place and playing tourist, there is something more profound and rewarding about getting to know a new culture from the inside out.

When you travel like a local, you get to know people, places, customs  and culture from a whole new perspective. You are not an outsider looking in, but truly assimilating into the culture from its core. Each country and city has its own quirks, those that just scream, “I’m from here!”

None is more true than in Argentina, where by simply looking at a person you can tell that they are so Argentine. Begin your journey ready to travel like a local Argentine, and you will find yourself lost in a beautiful world of passion, friendship, and tradition.

Here’s our trip to travel like a local Argentine in 5 easy steps:

1. Buy a SUBE card and take public transportation

In big cities like Buenos Aires, the majority of Porteños take public transportation everywhere. With the subway, train, and bus systems across the city, it’s incredibly easy to get from one place to another while experiencing local life. Purchase a SUBE card, which is an electronic card that you can charge money and pay for each ride electronically. Don’t be afraid to ask Porteños for direction, they almost always know how to get to where you need to go. Enjoy the ride!

2. Drink Mate all day, every day

Mate is the highly caffeinated tea leaf that most Argentines drink daily. There is mate culture all over Argentina, where there is never a wrong moment to drink a mate. Head to a park or plaza and notice all of the couples, friends, and families drinking mate together. Don’t be afraid to go and introduce yourself and ask to try some. Argentines drink mate groups, so this is a good way to meet new friends and bond over your first time drinking mate!

3. Eat meat and drink wine

The meat in Argentina is some of the best in the world and Argentines are very proud of it! Meat is served at most group gatherings including the popular asado, an Argentine barbecue. Malbec red wine goes perfectly paired with all cuts of meat, so make sure to fill up a glass. Attending an asado is a chance to see the true Argentine spirit  Friends and family coming together to share memories and laughs with good food and good wine. If you can score an invite to an authentic asado, this may be the highlight of your entire trip.

4. Ditch the Morning Bird routine

Social events in Argentina happen every single day of the week. These include include birthday parties, after-office with coworkers, end of the year parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and casual get-togethers. Many of these events are for many hours and usually begin late in the evening. Learning to stay out late all nights of the week is a key to surviving in Argentina (hint: this is where the magic of mate comes in). Just make sure to fit in your mid-afternoon siesta to get some rest.

5. Keep a sense of humor

Show up for dinner and the line is out the door? No pasa nada. You can’t plan everything in Argentina and it’s much better to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Grab a drink while you wait, talk to other people in line, and practice a bit of Spanish. If you are running late to a scheduled appointment, don’t worry about it. Everyone else is too!

Don’t forget a very obvious step of traveling like a local: dressing like a local!

Let Say Hueque help you travel like a local during your trip to Argentina!

Is Mendoza your next vacation spot? Great! The Argentinean part of Mendoza is undoubtedly breathtaking. Plus, the region has so many interesting places that you would love exploring this city.

However, one of the things you should definitely do when you land in Mendoza is to go on a wine tour. Since Mendoza is worldwide famous for its wine you will surely love spending your time in some of its best wineries that are mentioned below.

1.   Bodegas Lopez

Bodegas Lopez Grimon is a large scale wine production house started by a wine lover, Don German Lopez Figueras. The place was built in the 19th century and it includes a house, service quarter and a winery. The winery covers the largest part of the wide area as the vineyard expands to three hectares. Here the wine is produced in a traditional, home-made style and cement tanks are used to store the wine. The winery is so huge that it stands solemnly overlooking the beautiful national park of Timanfaya.

2.   Familia Zuccardi

This family-owned winery has been operating in Mendoza for three generations!

In the 1980s, Jose Alberto took over the family business from his father and began producing world class wines under the label of Santa Julia (named after his daughter). After ten years, his youngest son started producing virgin oil from freshly extracted olives which were harvested on the family’s estate.

Hence, the place is well-known for olive oil and wine. You can try both – wine and olive oil – at the family’s restaurant, Zuccardi Restaurant.

3.  Carmelo Patti

Your wine tour must include a visit to a boutique winery. By visiting to a boutique winery you will definitely enjoy the wines that are being made on small-scale budget for centuries.

What boutique winery makers do is that they make wines in a more traditional way and due to that their wines taste that much more unique. The best wine boutique you must visit during your wine tour in Mendoza is Carmelo Patti. You will have the most charming wine experience as the wines are originally made from the grassroots.
When you visit the place, the owner of the vineyard – Carmelo will give you a lively tour around the place explaining the process of making wine and sharing remarkable stories. Carmelo is known as one of the most passionate winemakers in Mendoza and you are sure to enjoy his company.

4.   Bodega Luigi Bosca

This type of vineyard is a little steep but it is absolutely worth it. Here the visitors get samples of fine wine and the tour guides provide you answer for all of your questions related to wine.

The art installation “Wine Way of the Cross” created by Hugo Leytes is the most epic thing you will notice in this winery. The art portrays the history of wine industry.

Make sure your wine tour includes these four amazing wineries. We are sure you will have a ball of a time tasting the most delicious wine in the world. Contact Say Hueque to plan your Mendoza getaway today!

Paulina Cocina has become a popular youtube culinary influencer. Why is she famous? She makes easy-peasy recipes, uses affordable ingredients and has a firm philosophy of not throwing food away. Also, she uses a very essential ingredient in every video and recipe: humor!

Please, don’t get scared away by the start of the recipe, which requires you to make a “sourdough starter”. It may sound new and scary, but trust us that it is super quick to prepare, even for those of us who have little to no experience in the kitchen. Alright, still on board? Good! So these are the ingredients:

For the sourdough starter:

For the pan dulce



Check out Paulina’s video on how to prepare the ‘pan dulces’.

Pan Dulce Recipe In Four Easy Steps

1. Place the sourdough starter ingredients in a small bowl. Keep in mind that the milk should be warm, not lukewarm or cold. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon and cover the starter with a paper film or a dishcloth and let it rest until it doubles in size (about 15 to 20 minutes). 

2. In a large bowl, add the flour and sugar (with the lemon and orange zest) and salt, and then stir. Make a hole in the middle of the dry ingredients and add the eggs, butter, warm milk, sourdough starter, and vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients – feel free to watch Paulina’s video (linked below) to have an overview of the process – with your hands from the center to the outside until its homogeneous. Once it’s thoroughly mixed, bring it over the kitchen counter and knead energetically for 15 minutes until the dough is soft. Divide it into two balls, cover them with paper film and let them sit for at least half an hour.

3. Once the dough balls have doubled in size, place them onto a lightly floured surface and knead for another 5 minutes. Gradually knead in the soaked raisins, nuts, almonds, and candied fruit. Keep in mind that you can put in some chocolate chips, or any other addition if these fillings don’t appeal to you. Shape the dough into a ball and pop into the prepared panettone tin. You can choose to make two pan dulces or just one big one. Cover them once again and let rise for an hour. After that, place the tin/s on a greased sheet pan.

4. Preheat the oven to 180°C/ 356°F and bake the pan dulces for 30-40 minutes until they look golden. Take them out and let them cool. Once they have cooled down, mix the ingredients to the icing and drizzle on top of the pan dulces to your liking.

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