Cruise the scenic fjords of Patagonia and discover the majestic mountains and glaciers of Argentina and Chile, the legendary Cape Horn and spot Patagonian wildlife!


Situated in the geographic south spanning across Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is one of the most unique places in South America. From the snow capped Andes Mountains to the numerous glaciers and lakes found within, the Patagonia region is a traveler’s paradise. Each year tourists from all over the world flock to Patagonia to experience it for themselves what find out first hand what makes this romantic place so special.

Aside from adventurists and thrill-seekers, more and more people are looking to the one-of-a-kind destination for a special honeymoon experience. What’s it is certainly different from the beach-side destinations that most commonly come to mind, one this is guaranteed – a Patagonia honeymoon is one you will never forget!

To learn more about the region, feel free to review our various Patagonia tour options! The different tours range in length from three day to twenty five days, making it flexible for any couple to see it for themselves. So without further adieu, here are the top 5 reasons to honeymoon in Patagonia.

1.Discover El Calafate

Although there is not a single route that is better than others when traveling through Patagonia, many visitors begin their Patagonian expedition in breathtaking El Calafate, which is located in the northern part of Patagonia. Because of this, El Calafate has earned itself the title of “Gateway to Patagonia.” Though don’t let this moniker fool you; Calafate is much more than just a gateway. The village of Calafate is surrounded by picturesque mountainous landscapes and offers numerous opportunities for exploration before you depart for the rest of Patagonia. Additionally, Calafate allows travelers the opportunity to see many nearby sites, the most famous of which is the Perito Moreno Glacier.

2. Hike Through El Chalten

For active newlyweds interested in getting their blood pumping during their honeymoon, consider partaking in Patagonia’s famed hiking trails. The premiere destination for doing so is known as El Chalten. Located within the Los Glaciares National Park at the base of some of the area’s tallest mountains, Chalten is regularly referred to as the hiking capital of Argentina. Largely isolated from the rest of the country, visitors who wish to make a stop in Chalten must travel through Calafate. Many visitors travel to Chalten, which is located just 3-4 hours north of Calafate, by bus in order to enjoy the scenic views along the way. This provides the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by nature, reflect on your recent nuptials and dream about your future lives together!

3. Whale Watch in Puerto Madryn

For animal lovers who want the chance to get up close and personal with some of Argentina’s diverse wildlife, a visit to Puerto Madryn mandatory! Located on Golfo Nuevo, which is formed by the Valdes Peninsula and Punta Ninfas, Puerto Madryn offers numerous excursions for visitors looking to explore the natural wonders of the region and the creatures that inhabit it.It is actually known as In fact, it is actually Argentina’s prime location for whale watching (definitely not your every day honeymoon activity)! Depending on the time of the year, visitors can get a glimpse of these whales, or can venture a short distance south to find South America’s largest Magellan penguin colony in Punta Tombo. The Valdes Peninsula is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, which will make for some great travel stories once your return home.

4. Diversify Your Time in Torres del Paine

Most people who come to Torres del Paine are planning on doing one thing: hiking the W Circuit. But there are plenty of other things to do while you’re there! If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, then consider one of the following day tour options. If you love to cycle, get ready for an amazing ride! There are numerous cycling routes throughout the park which lead visitors to the most unbelievable views of the mountains, lakes and glaciers of Torres del Paine. You can also take your adventures to the water by participating in a boat tour across Grey Lake, and then spend the afternoon navigating around the glaciers. You can always try navigating the icy waters around the by kayak if that’s more your style!

5. Relax on a Patagonia Honeymoon Cruise

If you like the sound of an adventure-packed, nature-inspired honeymoon, but also prefer to have the familiar comforts of a typical vacation, then the Australis Cruise line is the perfect option for your special celebration! Experience incredible views of the Patagonia glaciers as you sail through icy waters, and set foot on Patagonian soil for exciting excursions with Argentina animals. Depending on the time of year, you can also take special trips, ranging from whale watching, to retracing Darwin’s voyage, to photo safaris. It mixes the best of both worlds by blending a touch of luxury with the wild outdoors. Check out one of our El Calafate cruise options here!

Looking for things to do in Rio de Janeiro?

If you have ever traveled to Brazil around Easter, you must have had the fortune of witnessing the Rio de Janeiro Carnival? This is the top of Things to do in Rio de Janeiro and once in a lifetime experience and we guarantee no regreats, only fun and memorable experience! Let´s learn a little bit more about it: 


A wild celebration of food, music, alcohol, and fun is what describes the Rio de Janeiro Carnival best. Held in Brazil, this carnival is often referred to as the calm before the storm; where calm is basically the 40-day period of repentance, fasting and abstinence observed by many Christians before Easter. The storm is, of course, the carnival, marked by four wild days of dancing, parades, and ostentatious partying, for all ages.


The Rio de Janeiro Carnival was primarily introduced by the Portuguese around 1850 and its main traditions basically stemmed from the posh parties in Paris, including masquerade balls and parties held at this time of the year. The Brazilians, however, brought their own twist to the event and morphed it into a unique version of their own. Their version also included elements from the African culture and various other indigenous cultural backgrounds.


Eventually, this grand carnival ended up incorporating tons of parades, balls, dancing, music, elaborate festive costumes, and so much more. A very unique tradition also developed within the carnival where people would come dressed up in opposing roles. So, men would come dressed as women, rich as poor, and aristocrats as commoners. The carnival is held all over the country where each region displays a different celebration however, the Rio de Janeiro’s celebration is by far the most unique and magnificent that draws around 500,00 foreigners each year from around the world.


The carnival begins with an elaborate ceremony in which the city of Rio presents its key to King Momo, the mythological Greek God of mockery, who is represented by a very large man at the carnival. King Momo’s main job is to kick-start the massive celebrations at the carnival by opening the balls and the parades, ensuring that everyone has the time of their lives at the carnival.


Alongside the never-ending street parties and spontaneous parades, the Rio de Janeiro carnival is also popular for its costume balls held at the Scala nightclub. The first in line is the Black Ball that is dedicated to Rio’s soccer team. Other numerous balls include the marvelous City Ball, the Long Live the Beer Ball, and many others. One defining aspect of this carnival is that the black communities are the most enthusiastic participants in the event. This is particularly due to their historical love of the carnival since several African slaves were freed every year for the carnival.

The next time you go to Brazil, make sure to participate in this spectacular affair, as you dance all day and night and fill yourself up with tons of foods and drinks.

Check out our tours to South America and jump into this Brazilian adventure! Do not forget to book it with plenty of time, because the entire world is preparing to see this spectacle every year!

What to pack? Isn’t that a million dollar question for those braving the vast and beautiful lands of Patagonia?

It’s a smart one too, because there’s nothing like regret that hits you like a brick when you are sitting on a trekking trail with wet, too-thin socks and holey shoes. And that is just one of the million things that can go wrong when you don’t pack right. Your Patagonia adventure can really be make or break, depending on the clothes you bring.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the packing list right away.


One of the most important parts of the packing list is your outerwear, especially if you’re planning on trekking. Your health and safety is also directly dependable on the accuracy of packing your needed coats and jackets. It’s extremely important that your body remains dry and warm at all times, so that you can stay happy and healthy. In fact, this will also make your trip very comfortable and fun for you. After all, what’s fun about trying to keep your teeth from chattering or in trying to ignore the icky feeling that comes with wet socks and dirty feet?

To avoid such an inconvenience, be sure to pack the following:


While trekking and hiking is one of the highlights of a Patagonia trip, but your time in the city can be equally enjoyable. This is why you must pack practical clothes too to stay comfortable during your trip from Patagonia treks to the city sightseeing. Besides, the weather conditions in Patagonia can be unpredictable at times, so you have to be prepared for everything.

We recommend packing the following:


You’ll be doing lots of walking, cruising, hiking and trekking in Patagonia. Bring along these sensible shoes:


Essentials are called essentials for a reason. When you have them, you take it for granted. When you don’t have them, let’s just say it’s a nightmare.

Here is list of your essential items:

And if you plan to hike as well as cruise, then pack the following too for some luxuries-less days in the wild:

Now that you are all set for the trip, there’s another thing you need to make sure in order to have a safe and secure trip – a trusted travel agent. Let us do the rest, you can choose from one of the already planned trips or get one customized just for you.

How would you like to sail through the Strait of Magellan and past the southernmost city in the world? It may sound like a fantasy, but it doesn’t have to be. The Australis Cruise line has been taking travelers from all over the world through the fjords of southern Patagonia for the past 25 years.  The company offers a Patagonia cruise for everyone, with different lengths of stay and a variety of activities and excursions. All of their cruises travel between the Chilean city of Punta Arenas and Ushuaia, an Argentine city known as the City at the End of the World. Upon embarking, passengers experience some of the most incredible sights of the extreme southern tip of the Americas, from unique wildlife to the impressive Patagonia glaciers. Without a doubt, this is one Patagonia adventure you won’t want to miss.

If you are looking to explore the waters of southern Patagonia, the Australis Cruise line is the perfect option for you. Get incredible views of the Patagonia glaciers as you sail through icy waters, and set foot on Patagonian soil for exciting excursions with Argentina animals. Depending on the time of year, you can also take special trips, ranging from whale watching, to retracing Darwin’s voyage, to photo safaris. Take a look below at some of the most impressive Australis Cruise photos, and if you’re ready to book a Patagonia Cruise and other Patagonia Tours, contact the Argentina travel advisors at Say Hueque Argentina Journeys.

1. Can you imagine waking up and seeing this unbelievable view out your window?
2. Try some delicious seafood, right on board the ship!
3. Take an unforgettable excursion to explore the icy waters of the Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.
4. See some pretty impressive Patagonia Glaciers.
5. Visit the Penguins of southern Patagonia on Isla Magdalena.
6. If you go at the right time of year, you can even go whale watching!
7. See all these incredible views and more for yourself on an Australis Cruise!

Visit Say Hueque Argentina Journeys to start planning your ultimate Patagonia adventure, complete with a stay on an Australis Cruise.

Written by Michelle Lenze

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