Patagonia is a vast region, so it’s tough to explore it without a local guide. Each destination is separate by kilometers and kilometers, and…. So, in order to maximize your time here, an organized schedule is essential. Especially if you want to go hiking, there’re so many places to recommend that you can not miss!

Patagonia 9-day hike trip

For those who want to spend 2 weeks of trekking in Patagonia, we have designed a travel itinerary that combines the classic destinations in Argentina but also in Chile. Your hiking trip won’t be completed without a visit to Chilean Patagonia… that’s for sure.

Hiking over the Perito Moreno Glacier
Hiking to a waterfall in Torres del Paine

13-day Patagonia hiking trip: What else can you see in Patagonia?

Our 9-day trip is a good option for the first visit to Patagonia, but if you want to go trekking really far into the southern lands, our 13-day trip will take you to discover all the already mentioned destination, plus, the mythical Ushuaia in the province of Tierra del Fuego, best known as “the end of the world”.

Day tour to Haberton penguin rookery


Cruise the scenic fjords of Patagonia and discover the majestic mountains and glaciers of Argentina and Chile, the legendary Cape Horn and spot Patagonian wildlife!



‘Argentina for Adventurers’ is our ‘all-in-one’ trip for those who want to discover the absolute best that Argentina and Chile have to offer in a 3-week action-packed expedition. Start in Buenos Aires, the vibrant capital of Argentina, and fly to Patagonia to experience the two best trekking destinations in the region—El Chaltén in Argentina and Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. 


Time to discover the best of Argentina and South America during this action-packed, 24-day travel adventure through wild Patagonia, modern Buenos Aires, and exotic Iguazú Falls. This is our most adventurous tour for those who want to make the most of their Argentina experience.


In this 15-day trip you’ll enjoy adventurous tours in Patagonia, see elephant seals and penguins, but also majestic glaciers and jaw-dropping falls. Travel from north to south and explore the best destinations in Argentina. 

In this 4-day tour to Puerto Madryn you will visit Peninsula Valdés, the most famous wildlife reserve in Patagonia. Spend 4 days amongst Magellanic penguins, elephant seals and whales, and explore their natural environments, the turquoise water of Golfo Nuevo and its cliff-covered coastline. 

There always seems to be a big difference between tourists who simply visit a new country and those who travel like a local. While there is nothing wrong with visiting a new place and playing tourist, there is something more profound and rewarding about getting to know a new culture from the inside out.

When you travel like a local, you get to know people, places, customs  and culture from a whole new perspective. You are not an outsider looking in, but truly assimilating into the culture from its core. Each country and city has its own quirks, those that just scream, “I’m from here!”

None is more true than in Argentina, where by simply looking at a person you can tell that they are so Argentine. Begin your journey ready to travel like a local Argentine, and you will find yourself lost in a beautiful world of passion, friendship, and tradition.

Here’s our trip to travel like a local Argentine in 5 easy steps:

1. Buy a SUBE card and take public transportation

In big cities like Buenos Aires, the majority of Porteños take public transportation everywhere. With the subway, train, and bus systems across the city, it’s incredibly easy to get from one place to another while experiencing local life. Purchase a SUBE card, which is an electronic card that you can charge money and pay for each ride electronically. Don’t be afraid to ask Porteños for direction, they almost always know how to get to where you need to go. Enjoy the ride!

2. Drink Mate all day, every day

Mate is the highly caffeinated tea leaf that most Argentines drink daily. There is mate culture all over Argentina, where there is never a wrong moment to drink a mate. Head to a park or plaza and notice all of the couples, friends, and families drinking mate together. Don’t be afraid to go and introduce yourself and ask to try some. Argentines drink mate groups, so this is a good way to meet new friends and bond over your first time drinking mate!

3. Eat meat and drink wine

The meat in Argentina is some of the best in the world and Argentines are very proud of it! Meat is served at most group gatherings including the popular asado, an Argentine barbecue. Malbec red wine goes perfectly paired with all cuts of meat, so make sure to fill up a glass. Attending an asado is a chance to see the true Argentine spirit  Friends and family coming together to share memories and laughs with good food and good wine. If you can score an invite to an authentic asado, this may be the highlight of your entire trip.

4. Ditch the Morning Bird routine

Social events in Argentina happen every single day of the week. These include include birthday parties, after-office with coworkers, end of the year parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and casual get-togethers. Many of these events are for many hours and usually begin late in the evening. Learning to stay out late all nights of the week is a key to surviving in Argentina (hint: this is where the magic of mate comes in). Just make sure to fit in your mid-afternoon siesta to get some rest.

5. Keep a sense of humor

Show up for dinner and the line is out the door? No pasa nada. You can’t plan everything in Argentina and it’s much better to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Grab a drink while you wait, talk to other people in line, and practice a bit of Spanish. If you are running late to a scheduled appointment, don’t worry about it. Everyone else is too!

Don’t forget a very obvious step of traveling like a local: dressing like a local!

Let Say Hueque help you travel like a local during your trip to Argentina!

A chief goal on the itinerary of any Patagonia trip should include seeing penguins in their natural habitat. Witnessing these feathery, flightless bundles of cute wandering around Patagonia’s coastal areas will no doubt make a great experience, story, and collection of photos. There are several places on a Patagonia trip where one can see penguin colonies. The main places include Puerto Madryn near the Valdes Peninsula, Punta Arenas in Chile, and the farthest southern city in the world, Ushuaia on the Island of Tierra del Fuego. Although viewing penguins in the wild is of course a spectacle anywhere, few places provide as rich an experiencing as does viewing penguins in Ushuaia. In Ushuaia, unlike elsewhere, the visitor is allowed to walk on the island (with the penguins) in a group guaranteed to be no larger twenty.

There are three species of penguins in Ushuaia—the most common (and likely to be on the island in great numbers) are Magellanic penguins, followed by the larger (as well as rarer) Gentoo and King penguins. These species are very different in size and color. Magellanic penguins are primarily black with white stripes around the head and wings. Gentoo penguins most closely resemble those from Mary Poppins, with solid black and white colors, except for orange feet and beaks. Finally, the King penguin has the sleek grey and yellow look and stature of the Emperor penguin, though they are a bit smaller.   All of these species come to the island to breed, the Magellanic often year after year to the same nest and the same partner. Breeding season is in early spring and summer, beginning in early October. Young can be seen all summer through to February, the best time anyway to book a Patagonia trip, due to the favorable weather this far south.

The operators to the island near Ushuaia offer only two trips a day, and limit the number of passengers per trip to a mere twenty. This means that visitors can explore the island without disturbing the penguin’s natural habitat. The guides remind everyone however that no matter how cute a penguin is or how tempting it is to pick one up and cuddle it, one should not. This does not bar the penguins from intimate movement, and it is very likely that these curious creatures will come to within a meter’s distance while walking the island. The experience is guaranteed to be so enchanting that the full hour on the island will pass by rapidly, as do unfortunately most of the experiences on a Patagonia trip.

Because seeing penguins in Ushuaia is such an exclusive experience, it is not surprising that during the high season (November to February), places are hard to get to without a prior reservation, so book early! The number of penguins is highest during this time. The journey there involves first a bus ride to the Halburton Estancia (a prominent spot in the book In Patagonia, by Bruce Chatwin), and from there by boat to the Martillo(penguinisland. The entire excursion is with a guide, and it goes without say, will be one of the really valuable highlights of a Patagonia trip.

There are a great variety of tours in Patagonia that visit Argentina´s glaciers, hike Patagonia´s trails and travel to key destinations like Calafate, Chalten, Tierra del Fuego, Torres del Paine and more.  For further information about tours in Patagonia,Argentina vacations or tours in Iguazu Falls, contact Argentina travel experts, Say Hueque – Tours in Argentina

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