Enjoy this couples getaway and explore the most attractive destinations of South America. Travel to the energetic mind blowing Machu Picchu, discover Chile´s flavors from the country’s capital to the seaside cities of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. Enjoy sophisticated Buenos Aires’s eclectic neighborhoods and have a perfect closure of your trip with the amazing beaches of Rio de Janeiro.



Peru is an exquisite and exotic country. It hosted the Inca civilization, one of the most important  for human kind. Machu Picchu, a sacred place hidden between the mountains, it’s still a good example of the marvels this civilization was capable of. Peruvians has inherited the same wizdom, the same adventurous spirit, embodied in its culture and traditions. This 2-week trip is designed for curious and adventurous travelers! 

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Explore Perú in 8 days, travel from Cuzco to the Sacred Valley and visit the legendary Machu Picchu.  Immerse in Peru’s ancient culture and take a city tour in Lima, the capital of the country. 


From North to South, from the city of the Incas to the Paris of the South, this 2-week South America travel itinerary will showcase the wide diversity of this incredible continent. Explore Machu Picchu’s ruins, take your first Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, feel the power of water at the immense Iguazú Falls and enjoy the paradise beaches of Rio de Janeiro. A trip specially designed for true wanderlusters! Come and see it all…  


In Say Hueque, we believe that traveling should be a transformational experience, as a matter of fact, we strongly believe it. That’s why we choose Explora as one of our partners because they understand the meaning of this, they share with our enthusiasm for unconventional trips with an inclination for the adventurous.

The concept behind Explora is to provide trips to remote destinations in South America, unique due to their close interaction with nature and local culture. Since 1993, they have opened several properties, offering unique experiences. Currently, Explora is present in Torres del Paine National Park, Easter Island and the Atacama Desert in Chile, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, in Salta and El Chaltén in Argentina, and in Uyuni, Bolivia.

But what gives Explora such a different taste? Its care for details, taking pleasure in simplicity which defines the luxury of essentials, and commitment to sustainable development. These characteristics make Explora as a top-notch choice for travelers passionate about explorations and first-class quality service.

Why is different why Explora?

Explora takes care of every little detail of the experience you are going to have. For instance, guides are -and have to be!- enthusiastic about nature in order to be able to share and transmit their love for the surroundings. Being with a guide that is in love with the place where he is a completely different experience because one feels more inclined to appreciate the whole experience as other already values it. Their carefully chose guides are also bilingual (Spanish and English) and stand out for their warmth and kindness.

Another key element of Explora’s uniqueness is their explorations: they choose exclusive routes developed by their outdoor team, that allows travelers to get to know destinations in-depth, including popular sites and less explored areas. Other complements that make this experience complete is their detailed choice of food and beverages, adapted to every need.

Our Explora Favorite Properties

  1. Explora Patagonia in Chile

Explora Patagonia was designed as the perfect base to explore Torres del Paine National Park, as it offers an exclusive location -anchored like a ship by Lake Pehoé-  with unparalleled views.

Travelers can choose among 40 explorations –either hiking or horseback riding– to some of the circuits of the renowned W and other less explored routes to get to know the typical geography and wildlife of Patagonia. Their rooms have a perfect combination of simplicity and comfort, in order to ensure a deep rest after exploring. For a 30% discount, make a reservation for October 2019.

2. Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley

Explora Valle Sagrado was designed as a headquarter from where to explore Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. All their programs include accommodations, transfers, meals and beverages, and a selection of more than 30 explorations developed by our outdoor team, either walking, by van or riding a bike.

Explora’s explorations take travelers through the colonial history of Cusco and the architectural magnificence of the Incas in Machu Picchu, isolated villages, archaeological sites such as Ollantaytambo, Moray, Chinchero and Pisac, to Andean pampas and mountains or Apus, considered by locals as guardians of people and nature. Have you made up your mind? Make the most of their promotions by taking your kids for free, or getting one night and the guided exploration to Machu Picchu for free too.

3. Explora in Atacama, Chile

Located in the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, Explora Atacama was built in a 17-hectare plot as a base from where to explore the desert, the Andes highlands, and its surroundings.

Huge sand dunes, salt pans, impressive volcanoes, and cloudless skies inspired the design of each of their explorations. These can be completed hiking, cycling, horseback riding or through a combination of hiking and by van.

What should you expect to do in Explora Atacama? Horseback riding through red soil esplanades, walking on landscapes that seem like taken from another world, cycling through the Andes highlands, reaching summits of more than 5,000 m.a.s.l. (16,404 f.a.s.l.) or taking it easy in the Puritama hot springs are some of the experiences you can enjoy. Interested? Get up to a 1000 USD discount and kids free traveling before January 31st, 2020.

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Peru, the land of the legendary Incas, has quite a mythical feel to it. Peruvian culture is a complex mixture of native and Hispanic traditions, which means that there plenty of things to do and learn if you are there to explore. Besides offering delicious and diverse food, Peru also has some unique Peruvian drinks that you absolutely must try if you visit the area. Peru is a multicultural city and its festivals, such as the Feast of San Juan in June, give you a great chance to try out some of the drinks listed below.

This is considered Peru’s national cocktail. Pisco Sour is made with a srong base of Peruvian Pisco, a brandy-like liquor made from fermented grapes. It also consists of a mixture of lime juice, syrup, egg white, ice, and Angostura bitters. The sour and sweet tastes mix effortlessly and balance eachother well. This drink actually has an entire day dedicated to it – the first Saturday of every February is National Pisco Sour Day. A lighter alternative to this drink is Chilcano, which simply adds ginger ale to the mix.

Beer is easily the most consumed alcoholic beverage. You have 3 major beer brands to choose from – Pilsen Callao, Cristal and Cusqueña. Cusquena is the premium beer as it’s the most expensive and has the best taste. Pilsen Callao is the main beer served in restaurants. Cristal is the one you have in a group of people. Another lesser known brand of beer is the Brahma, which is consumed by younger people due to its low price.

There are two variations of this beverage. Chicha Morada is a unique drink made from purple corn. An addition of cinnamon, sugar, limejuice, and one other fruit— typically pineapple— completes this drink. It’s one of the finer drinks of Peru and is very well-known.

Chicha de Jora is a drink made from classic yellow corn, but this time, is fermented. Peruvian people have been enjoying this drink for centuries. It can be found in small Andean villages in the Sacred Valley. This drink starts with a sweet taste, but ends on a sour note. It’s good for those with a sweet tooth.  

This is the most popular soft drink in Peru. It is a yellow-colored soda that is extremely sweet and tastes a bit like bubble gum. The origins of Inca Kola go back to 1910. It’s known as the “Pride of Peru” and it can be served with alcohol or non-alcoholic depending on your preference. This is the drink offered with most food, and we absolutely guarantee you will see it if you are visiting Peru.

Emoliente is an earthy drink which provides health benefits for your liver, digestive system, throat, and more. It’s normally sold by street vendors in colder weather since it is typically consumed while hot, though it can be put on ice for a refreshing summer cool-down. It is created using a base of herbs including flax seeds, dried horsetail and barley.

This wine pairs well with Peruvian food, particularly with some iconic dishes like ceviche (fresh fish marinated in citrus juice with fresh onion, chilli and corn, and coriander). Quebrada de Ihaunco’s distinct fruity flavour of sour cherry and a hint of pecan goes well with many regional cuisines, and is a must-try for all wine aficionados who are exploring Peru.

If you’re looking for a sweet and creamy drink, then this is the one for you! The dark syrup made from the Black Carob tree, which is the main ingredient of this drink, makes for a cold, sweet, and delicious cocktail.

Are you looking for a hot alcoholic beverage? Caspiroleta is the answer. It’s a hot Pisco recipe that is popular in many regions of Peru, but particularly in Ica, a colonial town.

This Peruvian cocktail is prepared from physalis juice, pisco (Peruvian grape hard liquor), syrup and egg white. It has a sweet and slightly bitter taste.

You are now armed with a solid list of Peru’s best beverages. So, if you are planning on visiting Peru any time soon, make sure to try one of these famous drinks. They are a refreshing way to make your trip even more culturally rich!

Are you heading to Peru? Then lucky you!

There are many diverse Peruvian Adventures that you can embark on when you reach this beautiful place. That is because the land of Peru is rich in history, culture, and nature.

Hence, this combination makes it the right vacation spot for someone who has a variety of interests.

Are you looking for some ideas? Here is a list of the exciting stuff you can add to your Peruvian itinerary:

1. Make the Capital Your Home Base

The Peruvian capital is the largest metropolitan city in the area. Yet, it is often overlooked by other culture rich sites that surround it. However, if you want to make the most of your trip then you should make this your station.

That is because the city is a stone’s throw away from all the other hot spots. This ideal location gives you easy access to all the must-go places. Additionally, it is brimming with cathedrals, museums, and parks that give you chance to taste the Peruvian city life.

2. Head to the Jungle

Did you know? The Peruvian Amazon covers approximately 60% of the country.

So if you want an immersive wildlife experience then forget Brazil.  Stay in Peru and dive deep into the abundant lush green rainforest that blankets the land. Here you will find exotic flowers, 200 mammal species, and 1000 birds. The melodious ‘green symphony’ of the jungle will make for an unforgettable experience.

3. Go Back in Time

Time stands still in the quiet valleys of Machu Pichu. The secret city can be entered through the legendary Inca Trail. A hike or bus ride to the remote area is an adventure in its own.

Once you reach your destination, you get blown away by the intricate architecture of the ancient civilization. Like the terrace fields, compartmentalized living situation, and the sheer amount of infrastructure built in those days.

4. Walk Among the Legends

Peru’s past haunts you in the cobbled streets of Cusco. The city stays up all night with its rich urbane vibe but amidst the noise is the whisper of old forgotten tales. The old capital boasts of holding fifteen historic sites that tell you about the rise and fall of Inca civilization, the colonial reign of the Spaniards, and the birth of a unique Peruvian culture.

All in all, if you want to really explore Peru. Then you can’t miss out on any of these remarkable places. We believe one or the other location is sure to quench your thirst for an exhilarating escapade.

Which of our suggestions has got your adrenaline pumping? Maybe all of them..check our website for more Peruvian adventures or other experiences in South America.

Bon Voyage!

With exotic birds, big cats and other wildlife that stares back at you, Peru is the place to be for all animal enthusiasts. In addition to the beautiful foliage, mountains and mysterious human architecture, this country has a plentiful wildlife to offer as well.

If you wish to see some unique and unusual animals, be prepared to fly to Peru. Here are some of the animals you are guaranteed to encounter:

Macaw Parrots

With colors as deep and as wild as the Peruvian tropical sunset, the blue and gold Macaw parrots will leave you speechless with their beauty. You’ll find them gulping down the mineral rich clay in abundance as you explore the Tambopata National Reserve located in the biodiversity capital of Peru. However, keep your eyes peeled because you can also catch them soaring through the sky, and you´re in luck because it´s hard to miss their bright and bold feathers. Their flying flock truly is a sight to see. They return to their roosting trees at sunset for all to see, captivating all who happen across them.

Andean Condors

Peru often ranks as one of the top destinations among the best bird watching regions in the world. It is also ranked the second highest with regard to its diverse bird populations. Bird watching is ten times better in Peru than in any other country because you could find yourself – at any time of day. While birding in Peru, you can find birds that you have never seen, or even some that you´ve never even heard of before. That’s how rich Peru is with different species of birds. One such unique bird found in Peru is the Andean Condor. This bird is the heaviest in the world and also one of the largest flying birds to date. It has bright colors and can be found jumping from branch to branch deep in the Andean cloud forest.

Giant Otters

Do you think otters are cute? Well, imagine a Giant Otter. These beasts can be found in Peru´s Amazon. These otters are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They are extremely nosy, messy and territorial.  Because of their strong presence, they can come across as scary at times, but nonetheless, they are definitely a site to see. Keep your eyes peeled to see them munching on large fish to really observe the best of the Giant Otter.

Humboldt Penguins

Who said you need to head to Antarctica to meet the penguins?  A visit to Peru will cross that cute meeting off your bucket list just the same. Coastal Peru is home to Homboldt Penguins! In fact, you can only find Humboldt Penguins on the pacific coast of South America. However, the Humboldt Penguins found in Peru are quickly becoming endangered, so meet these handsome creatures before they completely vanish.

Amazon River Dolphins

If the water is more your environment, perhaps you´ll want to say hello to friendly dolphins. I bet you didn´t know that Peru has dolphins too, which creates fun for the whole family. These dolphins are an extra site to see though because they are pink! Everyone is bound to fall in love with the pink dolphins that are often found swimming in the Amazon Basin, happily greeting visitors. This seemingly Barbie-inspired dolphin actually has 40% more brain capacity than a normal human.

In addition to this interesting animal, be prepared to come face to face with the red eyes of the Caiman peeking out from the Tambopata River. You’ll also see number of squirrel monkeys hopping from tree to tree as if they were flying. The Blue Morpho butterflies and red-bellied piranhas also call the Peruvian Amazon home. At least one thing is for sure: a visit to Peru is very, very different from a visit to a regular zoo.

The land of Incas, history, and rugged appeal, Peru, is one of the best choices for a fun family vacation. The country of Peru celebrates history, tradition and culture every day, but also holds unknown mysteries of a secret past, which creates a sense of fascination for everyone.

Imagine the wonder of exploring these alluring lands with your family, especially since Peru has so much to offer. Peru is often referred to as one of the richest countries in the world, rich not in gold or cash, but in the incredible experiences and unforgettable moments it offers.

If the beauty of Peru is inviting you to experience its history, diversity and authenticity, then we suggest you bring your family along and multiply the fun, tenfold.

Here are the top four family attractions in Peru.

The Peruvian Amazon

A family that goes to tropical adventures together definitely stays together. And that’s exactly what the misty Peruvian Amazon rainforest has in store for you and your family. In this amazing rainforest of Peru, you can stay in a jungle lodge, kayak on the River Tambopata and explore the native farms together. This adventurous trip will be as educational as it will be fun. The kids and you will learn all about medicinal benefits of rainforest plants and will see how the beautiful butterflies transform. In short, the Peruvian Amazon is an adventurous playground for families where they can experience the nomadic way of adventure away from the normal happenings of everyday urban life.


Cuzco is one of the oldest cities of Peru. The entire city, not just a given district or neighborhood, is a point of attraction with integrated history found throughout the city, from the striking street corners down to the sidewalks. Every single aspect of this city offers clues of a past golden era. The antiquated architecture with an old-town feel shows where the past clashes with the present. Cusco’s ancient walls and roads have earned it the nickname: the birthplace of the world. It’s a family friendly city where you and the family can traverse the town and marvel at the captivating sights that you may bear witness.

Machu Picchu

Once you visit Machu Picchu, you and your family will not be able to stop raving about it. Machu Picchu is everything you might have heard and more. Since its discovery in the modern age, researchers still are dumfounded as to the original purpose of this incredible place. Make the mystery an opportunity for the kids to become their own travel experts, taking guesses about the original story of this wonder of the world. Better yet, enjoy nature´s magic with this Incan “lost city.” It is surrounded by a magical cloud forest and is watered by natural springs. And as you stand in front of it, waiting for the clouds to clear, the mesmerizing view of the ancient ruins will appear and truly take your breath way. Children and adults alike will love this scenic act of magic that appear in front of them, not to mention, the train ride that will take them there.

Incan Empire

Want to witness the largest empire of the 16th century? Get caught in time and discover the Incan Empire with the whole family. Experience the fun of exploring the ruins with your family and discover memories you can take with you by finding souvenirs in the artisanal market found in town. When the desire for a little adventure strikes, there are a number of family friendly activities along the way that all of you can enjoy – brave mountain biking, rafting, or even some light trekking with family. When night falls, cuddle up for some well needed sleep in one of the many cozy and comfortable hotels along the way.

Explore this exotic land that contains such a variety of stories some known and others still a mystery. It will truly be a unique experience that will stay with you throughout your life time. You can leave the planning and worrying part to us, and visit Peru with only excitement and adventure on your mind.

Traveling is a foreign concept, literally, to most kids. This can put an interesting spin on family vacations. Extra thinking is needed to find the perfect mix of activities to amuse, entertain and teach kids about the wonders of another culture.

If your next travel destination is Peru, you’re in luck because the country offers a whole host of activities rich in culture. For the more active kids, you could find yourself exploring Incan ruins on horseback or for the more curious, learning the ins and outs of Peru’s famous textile industry.

Learning to Weave

Kids are driven by curiosity to learn, discover and understand things that are different, so take them to Peru’s weaving cooperatives and let them see how the weaving textiles really work. The colors, the threads and the machines will leave the kids wide eyed and fascinated. In addition, they’ll end up learning all about textile creation with the help of Peru’s own traditional and famous textile industry. And don’t worry about your kids getting bored. These tours are organized especially for tourists, where the artisans make sure to show-off the juicy bits, with a very entertaining, but also authentic exposition of their work.

To end the activity on a good note, your kids might even get something to take as a token back home. And there’s nothing kids love more than surprise gifts.

Exploring an ancient civilization on horse back

Kids can get tired from walking around touring, especially when the sites are massive. Peru is no exception, especially with the interesting and unique design left behind by an ancient civilization from nearly 500 years ago. To save yourself from the kids’ complaints of tired feet, you can explore the Sacred Valley by horse. The region is known for its horseback riding-friendly landscape, and the Peruvian Paso horse, too, has quite a reputation for its fluid and unusual gait. A short ride for kids under the age of 2 years is also offered, so nobody in the family needs to be left out with this animal fun.

Walking in a new land

Cusco’s streets are more interesting than some of the best and most luxurious sights in the world. You and your kids alike will not be able to believe your eyes as you walk down the narrow streets, lined by stone walls in Cusco. Your mouth will drop in awe as you meander through this historic town.  It’s like a treasure hunt as you and your kids stumble upon one Inca ruin after another. And each one of them will pique the kids’ inquisitive nature as they discover slanted roofs, wooden doors, and walls, all built without a grain of mortar or cement.

Shopping for handicrafts

Shopping can be a cultural tour in and of itself too. Each market provides a sample of cultural offerings that the town claims as cultural roots.  The souvenir stalls in Cusco will make every adult and kid gaze in wonder. The most unique and rare knick-knacks can be bought from here and if you wish to end your tour with happy kids instead of those throwing a tantrum, we suggest you pay a visit to these shops and be awed by the endless rainbow of color. Beside, after such an enjoyable visit to Peru and its cities, you’ll definitely wish to take some memories home.

This list includes only our four favorites, but Peru offers a whole host of family-friendly attractions. For us, kayaking and paddling deserves an honorable mention.  The glassy waters of Lake Huaypo, with snowcapped mountains on all sides will definitely instigate the adventurous spirit of kids of all ages. So, have you and your little ones packed your bags yet?

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