In this travel adventure to Argentina come to discover delicious parrillas (barbecues) and stunning tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Jujuy and the Seven Color Hill rising above the quaint village of Purmamarca, and taste some of the best traditional Argentine cuisine in Mendoza, hometown of the stunning Mount Aconcagua.  

Enjoy the best wine tasting tours in Argentina and Chile and enjoy a top-quality experience for foodies and wine lovers. Discover the land of the sun and good wine, take a nice overview of two of the most famous cities of South America and delight your 5 senses with these beautiful destinations.


In this 15-day trip to explore the best landscapes of Argentina, enjoy a tango show and enjoy delicious Argentine food. Then, fly to Patagonia and travel to Ushuaia to sail Beagle Channel. End your trip sipping Malbec in Mendoza and cruising on a boat below the incredible Iguazu Falls.   

Traveling to Argentina with your toddlers has never been so easy! In this 10-day family vacation, you will explore Buenos Aires and the history of European immigrants, then continue your trip to the rainforest and finally, visit the famous vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina’s wine country where you’ll migles with local artists.     

This 3-day Mendoza wine Tour features the vineyards of Mendoza and includes guided visits to the traditional wineries to sample the rich Malbec and Cabernet. Located at the base of the Andes Mountains and nearby Mount Aconcagua, Mendoza is also known for its year-round sunshine, its wide offer of adventure experiences in nature, its gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels.

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