Travel from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, one of the most romantic destinations in Uruguay, in a fully-equipped ferry. Make the most of your day in Colonia and enjoy a city tour to learn about the history and traditions of this former Portuguese colony.  

If you’re itching for an exciting getaway to a far-away land, consider venturing down to South America! No matter what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find a region that caters to exactly what you’re looking for. Now the only hard part is figuring out where to book your flight! Take our quiz below to find out which South American destination is the perfect fit for you!

“Zero waste” is a major lifestyle trend of the 21st century, and the shift can’t come soon enough. This is a movement with the goal of producing the least amount of waste possible in all walks of life, whether that be at home or on the go. If you are looking to respect the environment during your travels, here are five different ways to become an eco-friendly traveler, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Visiting destinations committed to reducing waste definitely ensures that consumers will follow suit. When planning your next trip, research locations that offer modern environmental services, and are moving towards responsible practices. Your choice of airline can also impact your zero-waste goals, like certain airlines which are plastic-free, and by promoting them, you can embrace zero-waste travel. 

Packing your own headphones, blanket, and eye-mask for flights can help to minimize in-flight waste. Avoid carrying single-use toiletries and stick to eco-friendly ones. Bring reusable travel straws, cups, silverware and water bottles to avoid unnecessary waste. Waste management is a major issue in many developing countries, and travelers often unknowingly add to this problem. Say no to plastic bags from shops and carry your items in a backpack instead.

In the past few years, it has become much easier to find eco-friendly accommodations that are dedicated to supporting the local environment with environmentally friendly practices.  When traveling, look for an eco-conscious hotel or a property that gives you details on how it prioritizes environmentally friendly practices such as avoiding plastics, using natural cleaning products, practicing recycling and composting, etc. The staff in these locations are usually into sustainable living and are well-informed about the sustainability and environmental issues associated with the area. They will be able to guide you on how you can best spend your time while also serving the host community.

When moving around, reduce your carbon footprint by staying away from taxis and rental cars, and using public transport instead. Most large cities have well-connected buses and metro systems that you can put to good use during your travels. Another means of transport that is environmentally friendly is traveling on a bicycle, with many cities now supporting cheap bike-rental apps that make renting a bike as easy as a few clicks on your cellphone. Or, why not explore using the cheapest and healthiest option for transportation; walking!

Use your travel time to explore foods that you may not have access to back home.  Eating locally and supporting local food production is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling. Furthermore, you end up encouraging more local foods to remain in the area.

Now that you are equipt with some tips to help you minimize your environmental footprint while traveling, why not try to embrace zero-waste travel the next time you head out for a holiday?

When the kids are out of school, it is the perfect time for your family to reconnect and discover an incredible part of the world during your annual family vacation. Instead of road tripping or heading to the beach, consider voyaging to South America for the adventure of a lifetime.

There are so many things to see and do in this region of the world that we couldn’t help but write about a few of our absolute favorite family trips.

1) Buenos Aires and Uruguay

Buenos Aires is often referred to as the Paris of South America because of its incredible cultural diversity, and also due to some of the European-influenced architecture found in its more prestigious neighborhoods.

Discover the different facets of this eclectic city with your family as you retrace history wandering around town. When the rush of the city seems to become too overpowering, hop on board a ferry and discover Argentina’s laid back neighbor, Uruguay.

The whole family will enjoy getting a taste of two countries in the continent, and you will have peace of mind during this easy border crossing that every family can handle. In Uruguay, you can discover this eastern country’s colonial roots by exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is just a 40-minute ferry away from Buenos Aires.

2) Río de Janeiro

Is your family a fan of the movie Rio? Recreate the animated movie on your next family vacation. The main attractions of the city offer incredible opportunities that are fun for a family with kids of any age. Just picture you and your family riding a cable car up the massive Sugar Loaf mountain or stopping to take in the breathtaking Christ the Redeemer statue.

Rio de Janeiro s so much more than just a year-round tropical beach town, but when you need to slow down, take the family to discover some of the world-class beaches that make Rio famous. When you want to trade in the city and beaches, head to the lush forest that exists in harmony with Rio’s urban environment, and makes this city one of the most unique in the world, due to its unusually close proximity to nature.

3) Iguazu and Ibera

If your family isn’t quite the city-slicker type, discover a more natural environment in South America by visiting the Ibera Wetlands in Argentina, which can easily be combined with a visit to our very own wonder of the world, Iguazu Falls.

The Ibera Wetlands is fun for the whole family, filled with so many different animals that you will never know what you can expect to see next. This natural reserve has been preserved by the late owner of The North Face brand and is now a National Park. Why will all of you love Esteros de Iberá? This is still an off-the-beaten-path destination in Argentina and a delight for any family seeking to have a uniquely immersive experience.

To really make the most of your trip, take your family to both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of Iguazu Falls. The power and force of the Parana River falling on the border of two giants of South America is truly an amazing experience to witness. We have plenty of ideas for family vacations in Iguazu, if this destination interests you.

4) Perú

Children are known for their ceaselessly inquisitive minds, and Peruvian lands are the perfect place to awaken their curiosity towards historical, cultural and natural interests. The world-renowned Machu Picchu is just the tip of the iceberg: this country is chock-full of activities suitable and enjoyable for families. Peru’s iconic animal, the llama, is sure to catch a toddler’s attention, and why not let them engage in this immersive process of witnessing and then becoming part of another’s culture? The astonishing salt flats, the delicious Chocolate Museum, ziplining over dramatic sceneries in Sacred Valley, and hugging some alpacas will make a strong case for a journey to Peru during their next summer vacation. Also, Peru can be a perfect match for other destinations such as Salta and Jujuy in Argentina, or maybe the above-mentioned Iguazu Falls. Lima has accessible connectivity with many other countries.

Still on the fence? Get in touch with us so we can help you make this family adventure an unforgettable one. We know family travels can sometimes become a little tricky, but our experienced travel experts will focus on delivering your South American family vacation just the way you want it.

Uruguay is a tiny country that is bordered by Argentina and Brazil. It has some of the most amazing delights to offer to you from enchanting coastline to interiors marked by gaucho cultures, wild lands and the local folklore.

Often described as South America’s overlooked gem, the beauty of Uruguay is never-ending.

This gem boasts of incredible food and people, surreal scenery and architecture, and beaches upon beaches, which will leave you speechless.

When visiting Uruguay, here are some if its remarkable highlights that are certainly not to be missed.

Colonia del Sacramento

This is a highly picturesque town of Uruguay that lies on the Rio de la Plata. It is one of South America’s most beautiful towns that will leave you in plain awe and wonder. Colonia is an extremely pleasant city and to explore and discover it in the best possible way, you must stroll along its cobbled streets and stop at any small museum, a restaurant or café, or one of its souvenir shops.

This charmingcity has an area called Punta de San Pedro that holds the city’s lighthouse, which was built in 1857. The top of the lighthouse allows you to witness a bird’s eye view of the Rio de la Plata and the entire city, but for that you must climb 111 steps. While that certainly seems like a big ask, it is definitely worth it.  


This is Uruguay’s capital city that is extremely laid-back unlike the other cities. Montevideo has some of the well-paved roadways, which are smooth and peaceful. The causeway into this city’s center is nothing short of beautiful, owing to its boardwalks that are lined with stunning historic buildings and gorgeous palm trees.

One of Montevideo’s most popular sightseeing spots is Ciudad Vieja, which features an array of outdoor patios, boutiques, cafes, markets, streets art and sculptures that are an absolute treat to the eyes.

Punta Del Este

This is the most famous coastal resort in Uruguay and is a big, luxurious city that spans the Atlantic Coast. One of the major highlights of this city is the Punta Del Este’s port, which is an absolute must-visit.

The port offers a lovely walk to its visitors who can choose to either watch the dazzling sunset from their lavish sailboats or can go sunbathing to the amazing Gorriti Island.

Uruguay, much to many peoples’ surprise, is certainly filled with unmatchable beauty and natural wonders that will leave you truly mesmerized.


The town of Carmelo is probably Uruguay’s best-kept secret. It’s located near the off-beaten tracks along the shores of the Rio de la Plata. It is an ideal location for honeymooners, travel enthusiasts, wine lovers and all those looking for the perfect weekend getaway.

Carmelo is one of the most exotic wine regions and rich in cultural offerings that make it an absolute highlight of Uruguay.  The resorts that clutter near the towns offer luxury accommodation and breathtaking views. Our personal favorites are the Hyatt and Narbona. You won’t regret staying overnight at these stunning spots and indulging in some quality time with nature. Moreover, don’t forget to witness the glorious sunset at the riverfront!

The moment you set foot in this place, you will find yourself being taken away far from the daily hustle and bustle of the busy city life into an almost serene and tranquil quaint town. 

On the whole, Uruguay is a must-go place that has everything you need to fulfill all your travelling goals.

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Have you ever thought about making a real change in the world? We have all heard about the famous “make a baby, plant a tree, write a book”. In the 3.0 version of the popular saying we should add “…write a book and choose to be a responsible travel”.

What’s a responsible traveller?

To answer to this questions we have to define what’s “sustainable tourism” (something you may heard about in the last past few years), and also revise the difference between being a “tourist” or a “traveler”.

Are you a tourist or a traveller?

While both, tourists and travelers, like to trote the globe, the former are likely no to fully immerse in the traditions and culture of locals, and the last, they definitely go for it! Thus, travelers are (or at least they should be!) more aware on how to interact with the environment they are visiting, a concept closely related to “sustainable tourism” and “responsible travel”.

Sustainable tourism: when you’re a mindful and educated person

To go on a sustainable trip is to be fully conscious of the place and the culture we’re visiting. If you keep that in mind you’ll be able to help encouraging the local industry and respect the traditions of the city, beach or mountaineering village you’re visiting.

Are you suspecting you have always been a sustainable tourism supporter? Answer our travel quiz to be definitely sure!

A) When your belly growls … Do you choose to buy that yummy vegan homemade sandwich from the street vendor or you just go directly to the first Green Eat store you can find?

  1. love to eat homemade food, chat with local vendors and find out details about the food traditions of the place I’m visiting.  
  2. I like to eat big chain’s plates that I’ve already know I love!

B) When you’re visiting a new place, would you rather adapt to its customs and traditions or just keep on doing things the way you usually do?

  1. No, I generally do a little research before travelling, get informed about if there are any dress restrictions and learn some useful words in the original language of the place I’m visiting.
  2. I don’t care much about adapting: I prefer to discover new places but keep on behaving like I do at home.

C) When traveling, you’re aware of waste management?

  1. Yes, I always bring with me a reusable water bottle and put my purchasings in my backpack.
  2. Not really: I always buy bottle water and don’t refuse plastic bags if they are offered in a shop.

If most of your answers hitted “1” then your intuition was right! You’re a responsible traveler and now you’re in to improve your inborn traveler skills!

But, guess what? If you have occasionally slipped into the “2” answers, you can still be a responsible traveler while doing tourism.

Being responsible and aware of our traveling choices doesn’t have to lead us to do only low-budgets trips or renounce to thing you wanted to do. It’s more about making the right choices and be aware of the impact of your decisions while traveling. For e.g:

We can be the best responsible travelers just doing any of these little efforts! And always keeping in mind that popular golden rule that teach us to treat others as we would love to be treated.

To start expanding your Responsible Traveller soul you can check our website and plan your South America Vacations

Written by: Agustina del Vigo

Are you searching for a fun-filled summer vacation? Then Uruguay’s sun-toasted coastline is calling your name. Lodged between Argentina and Brazil, this little recluse is a piece of heaven for the quiet travelers who wish to avoid the crowds. Plus, it’s perfect for those that are craving baked sandy beaches and tumbling tides of salty seawater. Wondering where to go when you land there? Don’t fret! We’ve got a list of the most gorgeous beaches you will find in Uruguay. Let’s take a look: 

Cabo Polonio 

 This is an area of land that has some of the most mesmerizing beaches. It is your ultimate escape if you wish to take some time off from the world and its people and desire to spend time in solitude and great tranquility. It doesn’t have any roads or even electricity and has a population of just about 80. The entire experience at Cabo Polonio begins with the journey where you first get a rowing boat to take you to the beach. But if you aren’t up for a watery ride then you can choose to board a truck near the entrance. You may also opt for a half an hour long walk that takes you to the seashore. (Not advisable during the hot summer days due to the barren landscape) Once arrived, you can either ride a horse along the beach, hike over the rolling dunes for as long you want or simply sit on the warm, soft sands and enjoy crashing of the waves at the beach. 

La Pedrera

This has emerged as Uruguay’s most chic holiday towns with a stunning beach hut on a serene stretch of coast. It consists of two amazing sandy beaches that have been separated by a rocky headland. Once you land here, you are expected to set your eyes on beautiful, wave-lapped beaches, one of which has a black, rusted shipwreck, called the ‘Cathay VIIi’ on its western side. Lie down on the soft and slippery warm sand or take a dip in the clear, blue water. Either way, you will be transferred to a whole new world where there is nothing but peace and quiet. Or you can even go for exciting surfing sports and have an exhilarating experience. 


If you are a true nature lover, you will simply fall in love with the rustic beaches in the town of Rocha. It is one of the best options for a peaceful getaway in times when you wish for nothing but peace of mind and heart. Because Rocha is void of real nightlife, you will get to lie down on the sandy beach under the gorgeous starry skies, see some of the most spectacular sunsets and hear the soothing crashing of the waves against one another.

Are you ready to witness magnificent natural beauty at the beaches in Uruguay? While there are many other beaches too, these will simply leave you in awe! Get inspired in our webpage!

Do you like travelling a lot?

Then you must do it for the awe-inspiring sights, picturesque views, and lush green landscapes. These places appear more wonderful because of the clear blue waters and the fresh air and because, luckily, there are lot of people that are e Eco-Friendly on Vacation.

Are we right? Because…what if the freshwaters turn murky and the land becomes filthy. Then what?

You would most likely stop visiting these tourist haunts.

Right again, aren’t we? But how does it concern you?

Well, tourist spots aren’t just populated with people. They are accumulated with the trash they throw after their fun activity. It seems that these people tend to forget their ‘clean, green’ philosophy at home.

You may say that it is hard to practice this lifestyle on foreign shores. However, this is just an excuse!

Because ‘where there is will, there is a way’!


And here are a handful of ways you can prevent yourself from harming the environment during a trip:

1. The Sensible Shopper

You may already know about the harmful effects of non-biodegradable plastic bags. After use, all they do is take up space on this planet and create unlivable conditions for marine life.

Thus, we advise you to carry re-useable bags on your shopping sprees. And since the new-era merchandizing is all about ‘going green’. We bet you will easily find smart bags that won’t compromise your travelling style. Plus, they are durable for all kind of weather and last for years.

2. The Caring Guest

Are you guilty of wasting electricity during your stay at hotels? Then break that habit right away!

Your carelessness is consuming lots of non-renewable energy. This could lead to power breakdowns and electricity shortages in the coming years. Therefore, we suggest that you switch off the fans, lights and unplug electronics whenever you leave the hotel room.

3. The Litter-Free Adventurer

How many wrappers and disposable water bottles do you use during your journey? The answer is plenty.

And where do you throw all the trash? Hopefully, in the bin!

Many countries have strict rules about littering but several don’t. This variation in regulation must not cause you to litter though. As you must know that your littering is harming the environment and clogging the beauty of the lands you have come to see.

Hence, you must make sure to throw the trash in the garbage disposal sites. In case you see none, keep the wrappers and bottles inside your bag to be thrown later.

That’s it! These are just a few of the tiny things you can do during your trips. They may not seem like much but they make a whole lot of difference for the beautiful valleys you tread in.

We hope that you adhere to these tips to ensure a clean, green vacation.

To plan your next green vacation, check our website for more adventures in Argentina, Chile and best destinations of South America.

Safe Travels!

If you’re staying in Buenos Aires, you may want to schedule in a little time to visit Uruguay, Argentina’s neighboring country across the river. 

Uruguay provides a great escape for the busy hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and can be the perfect pit stop of any South American vacation. We wrote about three of our top destinations in Uruguay if you were interested in adding another country to travel to in South America.

  1. Colonia del Sacramento

From Buenos Aires, you can take a boat ride across the Río de la Plata and be in Uruguay in under an hour. There are also longer 3-hour boat rides available, if you’re not in a hurry and want to enjoy being out on the open water.

This Uruguayan port closest to Buenos Aires, Colonia del Sacramento, usually referred to as simply Colonia. It’s a very small, old and beautiful town, with a particularly lovely Barrio Histórico (historic quarter) that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While you’re there be sure to check out the Plaza Real de San Carlos, which was a former bullfighting ring as well as the Museum of the Portuguese Historical Period and the Nacarellero House museum. All of these destinations will give you an interesting insight into the history of this colonial town. If you’re looking to take in the sites, be sure to hit the Colonial del Sacramento Lighthouse too. It offers up an incredible view of Colonia and the small beaches that surround it.

2. Montevideo

Another great city to visit in Uruguay is the capital, Montevideo. Montevideo can also be a day trip from Buenos Aires, but if you have a little more time to spend you can discover more of Montevideo or even combine this city with a visit to another spot in Uruguay.

Getting to the capital of Uruguay from Buenos Aires is relatively easy. You can fly, but most people take the ferry. The rapid route is less than three hours crossing the river between the two capitales, otherwise, you can ride to Colonia and then take a bus to get to Montevideo.

In Montevideo, you can walk the ramble and get a sample of the beautiful coastline that makes Uruguay popular in the South American summer. One of our favorite places is Pocitos Beach, popular among swimmers, sunbathers, windsurfers and kayakers during the high season.

Also, in Montevideo, the Old City is home to not only historical buildings, but also the famous outdoor Port Market. The market is a must-do in Montevideo, especially for those craving incredible meat, traditionals clothes and other sorts of unique antiques and souvineres.

3. Punta del Este

Another top destination in Uruguay is Punta del Este. This upscale beach down is loved among locals and foreigners alike, but it will take more than a day to get to this atlantic beach town, unless you decide to fly from Buenos Aires.

Punta del Este is roughly a three hour bus ride outside of Montevideo, so if you’re doing the math that can add up to a rather long day. Punta del Este makes for a great side trip destination.

Punta del Este is a resort town, famous for its casinos and wide variety of beaches. All of the beaches are beautiful, with clear water and sandy shores; some are on the river and some on the Atlantic Ocean.

As far as which beach to visit, you can really take your pick depending on what kind of beach activities you’re interested in. Brava Beach is popular for its big waves (ideal for surfing) and giant finger structures that “come out” of the sand. Mansa Beach’s calm waters are perfect if you want to swim, sunbathe or fish. Generally speaking, the beaches of Bikini and La Barra tend to be more of party beaches, while the Las Delicias and Pinares beaches are more quiet and relaxing.

Don’t forget to stop by Casa Pueblo, an architectural wonder designed and created by a local uruguayan artist that inspires many people that make their way to Punta del Este.

A day trip in Uruguay will leave you feeling personally and culturally enriched, regardless of which city or cities you decide to visit.

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